What If New York Bat Bites You

Brown as well as black, both types of bats are harmful to humans and pets as well. These creatures keep on releasing their dangerous droppings in the premises. People who live in bat affected area are more under risk of infections and diseases. Generally, bats do not like to mess with humans, they never even attack. But their feces are enough to cause huge trouble to the people around. However, if in a few rare cases bats attack, you will notice their sharp teeth. They can cause several harmful disease infections like rabies etc.

Most of the people are not able to identify if they are bitten by a Westchester bat or not. But experts can be sure about bite by observing a small mark. Bat’s teeth are very sharp, and they can puncture your skin instantly. There are so many risks associated with bat bites.

Some of you might be interested to know when bats attack humans or pets? Well! In most cases, it happens when bats are feeling threatened, sick or when they are trapped. Even if bats are injured, they may attack humans around in aggression. Studies reveal that bat bites in the United States are rare. They prefer to stay away from humans and animals in the area. Chances of confrontation are more only if humans try to attack their habitat, especially where they are raising their babies. It is common to see human encroachment in natural living spaces. Many times, they end up causing damage to bat colonies. In this case, bats come in direct contact with humans and may also bite in aggression.

When human beings are bitten by rabies, they get worried about rabies virus. There is no doubt to say that like many other animals, Westchester bats also carry the rabies virus. Rabies virus can be easily transmitted through bat bites, and it demands immediate treatment. Note that, scientific studies have proven that the rabies virus is transferred through the saliva of infected animal or bird. It means, if the infected material passes into the human body, the person may get affected with the disease virus. There is no chance to get infected with the rabies virus by just touching the urine, feces, and blood of the bat.

If you live in the bat affected area, the best choice to get rid of these creatures is using some preventive techniques. Prefer to avoid their access to your habitat but in case if they are already in; make sure efforts to rescue bats. While taking bats out of your property, prefer to wear thick gloves, and protective clothing. It will help you to stay safe from bat bite and scratches. Note that bats generally prefer to live in large colonies. However, in case if you are not able to find any method to get rid of them, it is better to contact professional bat exterminators to execute trusted removal procedures. Also, if someone is bitten by bats, it is important to undergo medical treatment as soon as possible.

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